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International Impact


“I live in Sweden and, along with my wife and our eight children, I recently left the grasp of Mormonism (after 40 years as Mormon) a few months ago and came to the true biblical Jesus by His grace and Word. I found you, Greg, via your iPhone app and you were a big part of bringing me closer to Jesus and learning true Christian doctrine.

“Since then, our relationship with Jesus has grown more and more and we love your sermons; they aid in my learning and understanding. Might I say that you make listening enjoyable for the kids…we enjoy your jokes and pokes on cats! Your sermons are part of our daily life now, both via the iPhone app and YouTube. God bless you, Greg, and the Harvest America crusade ministry! You have helped us, all the way in Sweden, to come closer to the Lord. We love you!”


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Why Your Partnership Counts

Dear Pastor Greg,

I have heard your messages on the radio and have read your book Hope for Hurting Hearts. I lost my 11-year-old son on January 30, 2012. A drunk driver hit us and struck the passenger side, where my son was riding. The loss has been great, but I will continue to follow the Lord and serve Him because I know one day I will see my son Noah again in heaven. God bless you and the ministry.


A New Beginning This Week
On the Air the Week

Saturday, March 2, 2013
“What Every Last Days Believer Needs to Know” (Day 1) – A Message on Matthew 13
Monday, March 4, 2013
“What Every Last Days Believer Needs to Know” (Day 1) – A Message on Matthew 13
Tuesday, March 5, 2013
“What Every Last Days Believer Needs to Know” (Day 2) – A Message on Matthew 13
Wednesday, March 6, 2013
“The Death of a Conscience” (Day 1) – A Message on Matthew 14
Thursday, March 7, 2013
“The Death of a Conscience” (Day 2) – A Message on Matthew 14
Friday, March 8, 2013
“Dinner with Jesus” (Day 1) – A Message on Matthew 14

Email this week

Dear Pastor Greg,

I wanted to share how much A New Beginning through WLFE—Life FM, in Miami, has helped me to recover and draw back to our Heavenly Father.

Last year I went through a very difficult break-up of a six year relationship. Listening to your teachings about faith and hope confirmed that God is mending me back together and restoring my brokenness. As you’ve mentioned in your studies, “God is always with us during our trials and storms.”

He is drawing me close to Himself; I’m learning to trust in His Word and promises. Last May I felt that my whole world was shattered into pieces. Now I find myself under construction, learning to accept His will and not my own.

Be blessed always, A. S.
Miami, Florida