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Encouraging Testimony from “A New Beginning” Listeners!

It may have been about 15 years ago I worked full time and my mother (who loved the Lord, God rest her soul) loved to clean house for me. It made her feel needed and wanted. My father had passed away already. He passed one week after their 50th wedding anniversary.

Well, one morning after she had cleaned for me, I woke up to my alarm, which is a radio. I normally listened to a country and western music station. Well that morning I woke up to Harvest Ministries on 1160 am WYLL in Chicago. She had either turned the switch on the radio to AM or turned the station dial just a little while dusting it. She didn’t listen to radio so I know she hadn’t deliberately turned it. Well, I laid there trying to figure out why my C&W station was not on and not sure who I was hearing and I kept listening and liked what I heard.

You made listening about God sound fun and interesting. Then you gave the invitation to accept Christ as my Savior and I said God this must be a sign that the radio station had somehow gotten changed to this Christian station that I had never heard before.

I had always known about Jesus from my mom but not in the way you seemed to be talking about Him. Well I said the prayer and have been a Christian ever since. I told my mom the story days later and she was so happy because she said she always prayed for all her kids to be Christians and God-loving people.

Thanks again and God bless your ministry. I have attended your crusades and I love all the monthly resources you offer. One of the resources I ordered was the video of you visiting the Holy Land. My mom always wanted to go there but was unable to for many reasons so when I shared the video with her she was so thankful for the resource.

God bless you and all your family,
C & L