Monthly Archives: August 2017

God honors your faithful support of SoCal Harvest 2017

We saw a great outpouring of God’s power and love at the SoCal Harvest in Angel Stadium.

  • Total attendance: 92,000
  • Online visits: 46,972
  • Professions of faith: 10,071

God has honored your faithful support, both financial and through prayer, with the spiritual fruit of lives changed forever! Won’t you join us in thanking God for all He did?

To see more about the SoCal Harvest, including stats, testimonies, photos, and the archived message, go to

On another note, the Harvest Partner Program has been recently restructured. Below you can see what your monthly support is being used for:

  • Sowing Partner
  • Evangelism-Focused Support: Crusades, Harvest America,, and outreach.
  • $31 per month ($1 per day)
  • Watering Partner
  • Teaching-Focused Support: Daily teaching on radio, TV, online, and on-demand.
  • $62 per month ($2 per day)
  • Growing Partner
  • Disciple-Focused Support: Training courses, devotionals, and study materials.
  • $93 per month ($3 per day)
  • Innovation Partner
  • Opportunity-Focused Support: New and creative gospel endeavors such as film projects and social media.
  • $310 per month ($10 per day)

Again, thank you for your generous and faithful support, which is the backbone of Harvest Ministries with Greg Laurie!

P.S.You are able to make adjustments to your Harvest Partner account at any time online. Visit to update your monthly gift date, amount, contact information, or payment method.