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How’s Your Quiet Time?

Spending some quiet time with the Lord can be the most important part of your day. This is a time for intimate fellowship with Lord through reading His Word, worship, and prayer.

If you don’t already have a consistent daily time with the Lord, would you pray about being diligent and deliberate in setting aside a time each day for the purpose of meeting with Him in His Word?


Here are three tips to help you focus and get the most out of your daily reading:

READ the passage and pray that you will hear what God wants to tell you. Don’t be afraid to go back over the section a few times for understanding (see Psalm 119:18, a great prayer verse before you begin reading).

REFLECT on what you’ve read, and pray for understanding. God might be using that day’s scripture to remind you of a truth, teach you something new, or reveal fresh insight (see Psalm 119:27).

RESPOND to what you have learned by putting it into action. Consider how you can apply what God has shown you during your day and look for ways to do it. Pray for eyes to see those opportunities and the resolve to follow through (see Psalm 119:59–60).

A special Harvest Partner version of “Through the New Testament in a Year” is available for you to download by clicking here.

Our ministry would love to hear from you about how the Lord ministers to you in your quiet time with Him. Please share with us!

Looking Up,

Harvest Partner Ministries

Practical Strategies for a Simpler Christmas

“You are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed. . . .”
—Luke 10:41–42 NKJV

Practical Strategies for a Simpler Christmas

  • Being together is what counts, not the perfection of your surroundings. (Jesus’ birth did not depend on fancy decorations, cleanliness of the house, or gourmet goodies.)
  • Don’t cram in too many organized activities. (The ability to relax and be comfortable lend to happy times together.)
  • Unrealistic expectations of making crafts and holiday baking can rob you of the enjoyment of the Christmas celebration. (Quiet times can offer more opportunity for remembering the reason for the season.)
  • Try shortening your Christmas card list by sending cards to the people you do not see regularly. (Think about sending cards to half your list on Valentine’s Day or Easter and reversing the list the next year).
  • Begin each day in prayer by offering the day back to the One who gave us the greatest gift. (Having and keeping the right perspective of whose day it is can alter our attitudes and conduct.)

We don’t have to let the busyness of the season rule our hearts. We can be less like Martha and more like Mary, who relaxed in the Lord’s presence. Ultimately, only one thing is essential to our Christmas celebration: Jesus!