Monthly Archives: June 2017

Wow, what an incredible Harvest America we had Sunday, June 11!

This could not have happened without the faithful and generous support of Harvest Partners like yourself! We can’t thank you enough and are asking the Lord to encourage you right where you are in your walk with Him!

Here are some of the stats:

Stadium Attendance: 38,000
Stadium Professions of Faith: 2,904
Host Sites: 3,758
Host Site Attendance: 83,700
Live Unique Viewers: 42,305
Online Professions of Faith: 494
Countries Viewed From: 83
Facebook Live Viewers: 120,642

In case you didn’t get to catch the Harvest America event, you can click here to watch it. (You might want to also invite someone who doesn’t know the Lord to join you in watching this life-changing event.)

Thank you again—it seems we can’t say it enough!

If you would like to watch a short recap of what happened at Harvest America, click here.