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I think America is going in the wrong direction.

I don’t believe the answer to our problem is a political one; I believe it is a spiritual one. America needs to turn to God.

We have two secret weapons in the church that we need to start using like never before; they are prayer and preaching. 

First, we need to pray for America. Pray that God would send a great spiritual awakening and that people across our land would return to Him. 

Secondly, we need to preach, and specifically we need to preach the gospel. It all comes down to this: each and every one of us needs to tell someone about Jesus. 

Would you use your secret weapons? Would you make it a daily priority to pray for America? Would you look for every opportunity to preach the gospel? 

Pastor Greg Laurie

Harvest America Testimonies

Here are a few samples of the hundreds of testimonies our ministry received from the Harvest America event at AT&T Stadium. If you have a story to share, please add it to the comments.

We hope each of you will rejoice with us over the amazing work God did, is doing, and will do as a result of Harvest America!

Harvest America Webcast
My three children listened to the entire stream of Harvest America. At the end when Pastor Greg made the invitation to those watching, my eldest son, Mark, stood up. Then my other children, Aaron and Alaina, also stood and said they wanted to accept Christ. They have always gone to church, but never publicly accepted the Lord. Thank you, Pastor Greg. As a parent, this is the most wonderful day of my life and theirs. —Monica

AT&T Stadium

After Pastor Greg finished his message, a large number of people started to leave, exiting the east doors. I was feeling sad that so many people were leaving. Very soon thereafter, I noticed a young couple leaving with three young children and a baby strapped to the mother’s abdomen by a sling. Then suddenly they moved to the side, just as Pastor Greg was starting the prayer of salvation. The mother and the three children dropped to their knees in a semi-circle around the father. He wrapped his arms around the whole family and they prayed the prayer of salvation together with Pastor Greg. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was so beautiful! I had tears in my eyes as they rose and walked outside and left. God showed me that we may try to quantitate the success of an event by numbers, but we don’t really know what is going on in the Spirit for eternal things. The Holy Spirit blessed me with a beautiful picture in my memory that will last a lifetime. —ML

I have always believed in God, but have always been distant in showing it. My wife and kids were always more interactive and more involved with our Lord. For years I had gone to church because of my wife. I have tried to be part of the church for my wife and tried to teach my children about God because of my wife. For some reason this past Sunday (March 6, 2016) I decided to attend Harvest America with my wife and kids (usually I would opt out and stay home), but this day was different and I decided to drive down to AT&T Stadium. To my surprise I was shocked to see the amount of people there and as the night progressed with the music, I started to get more in touch with the music and atmosphere at this point. Pastor Greg made his way to the podium. This was a turning point—not sure if it was 20 years building up, my family, Pastor Greg’s powerful message, but as he was completing his sermon and offered for me to come down and accept Jesus as my Savior, I made a straight line to the field and never felt so sure about my decision. That night started something that I should have started more than 30 years ago. I just wanted to say thanks to my family and Pastor Greg for that special night and the impact for the rest of my life. I am proud to say I was part of the 6,000 plus to make that decision. —Mike

Thank you for your assiduous efforts over the past 2+ years in planning, preparing, and mobilizing the church for Harvest America. I don’t need to tell you what a success the event was. In our church I pray that we will see the seeds of revival grow. I long for our people to pursue their friends, neighbors, and family for the gospel of Christ. I pray that participating in Harvest America will help our membership continue to reach out to the lost.

No doubt you have heard countless stories of lives changed. One that is most impactful to me involves a woman in our church who served as an usher the night of the event. This woman moved here recently from California. It seems that she is running from a number of difficulties in her past. “Coincidentally,” she moved in next door to a couple who is a member of our church. This couple immediately introduced themselves and invited her to church. It became clear very early on that she was not a follower of Jesus. This couple continued to invite her to church every Sunday and spend time with her periodically during the week. This woman continued to respond positively, attending church every Sunday, enjoying the company of this couple and newfound friends in our church.

When Harvest America promotion began she volunteered to serve as an usher. The couple also served in this capacity and brought this woman with them to serve at the event. This woman listened to the presentation of the gospel and fulfilled her ushering duties. On the drive home she lamented that she was not able to come down and “pray that prayer.” There in the car, on the drive home, this couple had the privilege of leading this woman to Christ!

Thank you for your efforts. I pray that there will be significant ripples of gospel activity in the weeks and months ahead stemming from Harvest America. We are eager to follow up with people in our area and pray God will use us to help new and recommitted believers grow in the Lord.

Thank you for coming to our area, encouraging the body of Christ, and preaching the gospel to a world who needs to know Him. —DY

Church Host in Rochester

I am the pastor of Revolution Church in Rochester, New Hampshire. When I was a teenager I would listen to Pastor Greg on the radio. That really helped me connect with the gospel and who Jesus is. Pastor Greg’s practical style helped shape my preaching. Now 25 years later I have my own children. Our church hosted the Harvest America live stream from AT&T Stadium on March 6. I sat in the front row and my daughter left her friends and came and sat with me in the front. When Pastor Greg was finished she looked at me with moist eyes and said, “He is a really good teacher; he explains things so good. I really get it now; I understand it. She had a made a decision for Jesus as many kids do who grow up in church, but when Greg shared the gospel, she heard it and understood it for herself, and Jesus became real to her. It is awesome for me because it was Pastor Greg that helped me connect with Jesus and has had an impact on my life and ministry, and now his ministry has reached the second generation of my family. Thank you for doing these events. Thank you for using your gift. Thanks for still being a delivery boy who can clearly deliver the Good News! —CM