Be better equipped to minister to those in need!

Watch Pastor Greg share some powerful tips when anxiety and fear are knocking on your door!

Please share in the comments how the Lord ministered to you when anxiety or fear was in your life!

6 thoughts on “Be better equipped to minister to those in need!

  1. Sid Somoza

    Before I knew the Lord I thought I had the control in my life, everything I did I boasted to have the answer to. But things would actually get worse and worse but of course, my pride wouldn’t allow me to admit it. Everything seem to be piling up. One day I had and overwhelming experience when I realized my whole life was out of control. The Lord touched my heart that night and I surrendered my whole life to him, asked him to forgive me and to enter my heart and to never leave me. I still worry at times, but when I do I immediately turn to him and ask him to please take over. And I can’t explain how, and I really don’t need to know but he makes everything feel that is gonna be OK and all my worries vanish. To all the people that might read this testimony; Please surrender your whole life to God our father. Ask him with all your heart in the name of our Lord Christ Jesus to take over your lives and take over all your problems and something amazing and indescribable will happen. Your life will change for ever!!

  2. Lark Eskridge

    I have had a lot of fear and anxiety throughout my life. I pray about it everyday . God will answer if you just ask. Sometimes I pray all day if that’s what I need to do.

  3. Letty C.

    God’s timing is perfect. I’m currently going through a depression/anxiety relapse. It’s been a very hard time. I’m constantly praying all day for God to help me through this difficult time. I finally left myself in His hands because it’s His will. I also ask whoever reads this to pray for me. God bless.

    1. Judith Kinnaman

      Dear Letty – My heart goes out to you dealing with depression and anxiety. I pray the Lord will give you peace and joy and a merry heart!! I will be praying for you. If I might make a suggestion…Surround yourself with uplifting, positive things. A Gaither’s gospel music video or your local Christian radio station or watch Trinity Broadcasting Network on TV. You could also replace suspense or cop shows with sitcoms or other family shows. Keep pictures of family and friends or anything that makes you smile within view. And keep up the continuous prayer as you have been doing. GOD HEARS AND HE ANSWERS!! TRUST HIM!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

  4. Judith Kinnaman

    I have anxiety and fear when it storms. In the area where I live, the wind sounds more ferocious than it actually is but adds to my fear. I’m learning to pray and thank the Lord for HIS protective shelter in my home. I also tell HIM I know he is in control of the wind and the rain and that, no matter what, I trust HIM with my life. I want to honor HIM with a heart and mind full of trust and no anxiety or fear. It’s really hard but the longer I intentionally put my trust into practice the fear and anxiety are slowly decreasing. GOD IS FAITHFUL!! HE CAN BE TRUSTED!!

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