7 Tips for Christmas

Getting lost in the hustle and bustle of Christmas is something every Christian does. Rushing from mall to mall and sale to sale can trip you up. It can even cause you to lose sight of the reason you celebrate Christmas: the birth of Jesus Christ—our Savior!

Because Jesus can become God’s only forgotten Son, instead of God’s only begotten Son, here are seven tips on how not to lose sight of Jesus this Christmas.

  1. Read the Word. Nothing will remind you of the Christmas story like the Christmas story itself.
  2. Remember to Pray! Pray for godly priorities, for unsaved family members, and for those in need.
  3. Remember: Don’t replace worship with holiday work. Don’t get so busy in rushing from Christmas play, to Christmas service, to Christmas party that you forget to worship God. Don’t lose sight of your first love (Revelation 2:4).
  4. Remember to meet with God’s people. Make time for you and your family to go to church. Jesus manifests His presence in a unique and special way when His people gather together in His name.
  5. Remember to be about Your Father’s Business. Be sure that what you’re celebrating is of the Lord. Make sure that you’re not getting caught up in the world’s view of Christmas rather than the Word’s view of Christmas.
  6. Remember Whom the celebration is for. As you decorate, shop, and plan, remember that Jesus Christ is the reason for it all.
  7. Remember to repent and repeat. If you find yourself losing sight of Jesus this Christmas, simply repent—change your direction. Then repeat. Go back to that place where you lost Him. Chances are you need to get back into prayer, the Word, fellowship, and sharing the gospel with the unsaved.

Keep the message of Christmas near to you by placing this card in your back pocket, wallet, or purse.