Prayer Exchange

It’s time for a prayer exchange, Harvest Partners!

Leave a prayer request in the comments (keep in mind it will be visible to the public) so that we can pray for you.

Then pray for us! Our request to the Lord is that more people will join the Harvest Partner team because they realize the importance of spreading the light of the gospel in these dark days.

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Be sure to read through some of the comments and pray for one another as well!

12 thoughts on “Prayer Exchange

  1. Brian

    My wife and I are expecting our fourth child in June! Our last pregnancy ended in a miscarriage so please pray for a healthy delivery for this one. Thanks so much for offering to pray for us. We will continue to keep Greg and Harvest in our prayers too.

  2. Justin

    Pray for my wife, Jen, who is having an acoustic neuroma (benign brain tumor) surgically removed on February 12. She’s trusting the Lord, but also concerned for our 10 month-old daughter who hasn’t been away from her for more than a couple hours. She’s expected to be in the hospital for 3-7 days, and full recovery typically takes about a month (for being able to lift objects over 20 pounds, drive, etc.). Pray for peace and healing, and that God will use this to reach those who will be around us.

    We love Harvest, and have been blessed by Greg’s ministry in so many ways. We both came to the Lord (at different Harvest Crusades), and now attend Greg’s church in Riverside. We’ll be praying that many join in supporting this ministry and continue to use it in a powerful way!

    1. Barbara J Ferraro

      Justin, I pray for your wife’s surgery to be successful and for her to come home completely healed by the power and authority of Jesus Christ, the great healer! I also pray for your little girl to have almost supernatural understanding of why her mother is not there and that she will be at peace until her mom returns back home, even as young as she is.

  3. Joby

    I could use prayer for wisdom for healthcare decisions to be made. Balancing life, work, school, church, family. I’ve started a challeging seminary program that I need some wisdom, help, inspiration with. I appreciate the prayer exchange idea + Harvest Ministries; it very biblically strong + applicable to life’s current culture. Thanks +

  4. Neil

    I ask for prayer for the 12 year old son of the financial officer of our church. He recently had his second surgery for removal of tumors on his brain. Though they are pretty sure it is not cancer, they do not seem to have the answers to prevent their growth. He has seizures of different types and they can’t seem to anticipate. I would ask you join me in my prayers for God to heal Matthew.

  5. Glen Benedict

    One of counselors at Love in the Name of Christ Treasure Valley has had her cancer metastasize. to her liver and lungs. She needs a miracle healing from God. Please pray for her

  6. Becky Feist

    Please pray for my children that they may know God’s overwhelming love for them no matter what they have done in the past. Drugs, alcohol, and depression have touched our family and extended family and it breaks my heart.

    I lift my family up to the Lord almost daily for his healing.

    Listening to you and seeing you at Hill’s Alive in Rapid City had a huge impact on my life and I can’t thank you enough for your ministry.

    God Bless you and your family

  7. Irene

    Please pray for my brother, he is in a very stressful and financial crisis and he is not sure where God is leading him. Thank You for all your prayers.

    1. Barbara J Ferraro

      Irene I just prayed for your brother, that he will understand very clearly that he needs to put his worry and stress, which does not come from God, into the hands of Jesus and to trust Jesus to work everything out for him. I pray that he will become strong in his faith in the Lord and that he will understand that he needs to trust in the Lord in all things.

  8. Barbara J Ferraro

    My Prayer is to be able to visit one of my Compassion International Sponsored Children in Africa, hopefully this year, but I leave it up to the Lord. I know I will see most if not all of the 10 children I sponsor in Heaven one day but my desire is to visit one of them in an African country before we are all taken up with Jesus in the air one day soon.

  9. Paul

    Please pray for my wfie Denise. She lost her pharmacist job 5 days before her mom died in 2012. Please pray that Denise will find the right pharmacist job soon and that she has peace, patience and perseverence. Thanks! God Bless!

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