Tell Your Story

“Come and see a man who told me everything I ever did! Could he possibly be the Messiah?” So the people came streaming from the village to see him.
John 4:29-30

One of the most effective tools you have in your evangelistic toolbox is telling your story, your personal testimony about how you came to believe in Jesus. After a conversation with Jesus at the well, the Samaritan woman—minutes old in the faith—immediately went out and told others. The Bible tells us that “many Samaritans from the village believed in Jesus because the woman had said, ‘He told me everything I ever did!'” (John 4:39).

It is the power of a changed life. Use your story, because it is a way to preach to a person without preaching at a person. People don’t like to be preached to. Your story is a bridge. You can say, “Let me tell you my story. I didn’t always believe these things. Here is what I used to be. Here is the way I used to live. Here is what I used to think. But here is what I heard, and this is how it changed my life.” They can argue with a sermon, but they can’t argue with your story. They can’t argue with what God has done for you. So use that story to build the bridge.

Telling your story is a powerful bridge for the gospel message. It is merely a bridge to tell His story. It is not about you; it is about Him. So when you tell your story, don’t glorify or exaggerate your past. Sometimes I have heard people give their testimonies, and the story gets more dramatic with the telling. Sometimes Christians want to make their story more dramatic to be more impressive. Just tell the truth.

Don’t boast about what you gave up for God, but about what God gave up for you. We gave up guilt. We gave up judgment. We gave up Hell. And in their place, God gave us purpose and meaning and Heaven. And remember, it is not about you. It is about Him.

3 thoughts on “Tell Your Story

  1. Douglas Jones

    In 1974 I was 27 years old, having grown up in a church family, I knew what the church was, but never made it personal until one day I was driving by myself and a Christian radio program came on. I don’t remember who the pastor was, but he explained how to accept Jesus into your life. I pulled over to the side of the road and prayed the believers prayer and asked Jesus to be my savior. I felt so happy about it and wanted to tell one of my friends from college. They were not excited or happy to hear the news of my salvation, but that did not stop me from changing my life and friends after my conversion. I’m far from perfect, but I do spend some time each day reading from my bible and also listening to Greg Laurie’s radio program. I feel very blessed by Pastor Laurie’s messages.

  2. sanda

    You, Greg Laurie opened my eye on Jesus and touch my heart with the Holy spirit.
    I thought this is it , and I am all HIS and life will be so beautiful after, however the attack from the enemy started and for 4 years I live my life in pain, crying, suffering and finally learn to totally surrender to GOD.
    In fact that was the moment the peace came , and allowing God change me and really give Him total control of EVERYTHING.
    Since then God keeps pouring blessings in my life and I keep blessing others and getting more close to HIM.
    I love GOD- He is everything in my life and even though I have good life, and love and blessings, I am ready anytime to leave all behind and go and be with him, and sing songs to him all day long and service him and be his servant to the eternity.

  3. Tesha C. Williams

    I was baptized and I gave my life to Christ at an early age. My Great Grandfather was a Baptist Minister. Growing up in Watts was a struggle, and I got lost in it. Drinking gangbanging and such. God never left me though you wouldnt have known it by my actions. He got me through College and and life though I was not doing as I should as a child of God. He is wonderful! After surviving two abusive relationships and being blessed with a daughter to raise after her Dad was killed on her 4th birthday. I recommitted my life to Christ and attended church regularly and even became the Sunday School Teacher at my church. Things were looking up. At the time I was still drinking but functioning. I got involved with a person who wasnt the person I should have been involved with and found myself back in Watts. I started hanging with the old crowd and before long I was drinking more and fitting into the old life. To make a long story short.(probably too late for that lol) After I lost my Mom to a fatal heart attack. I cried out to God everyday. I told Him I couldn’t do it! I needed him to step in and I needed Him NOW! I did this for about a month after my Mom died. God took the desire if alcohol and sex away. I have been sober and celibate for years now. God has seen to it that I have learned how to praise Him. He has shown me all of the times that He was there and all of the ways He was trying to reach me but I was too into what I was doing. I know how to pray I know how to rwad and understand His word. And I know that He lives me. I praise God through our Lord and Savior everyday I spread the good news. Im a new creation filled with the love and conviction of His Holy Spirit. I am so thankful that I didnt get what I deserved and I am so thankful to Greg Laurie and hos ministry I listen everyday I contribute monthly though it is not alot of money. I am grateful that I can help even a little because I know that he reaches so many people . Well that’s my testimony in a nut shell. I hope that this encourages someone to not give up anf to put all theor trust in God. Give your life to Jesus and He will do the rest. No worries

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